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zKenShiro - GM App

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1 zKenShiro - GM App on Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:41 am


It sucks i had to remake -_-
Here's the thing

My IGN : zKenShiro
My Country: Egypt ( Exactly in Alexandria)
My Time zone: GMT +3
My Name: Ziad
My Email:
Sex: Male
Date of birth: DD / MM / YYYY >> 17 / 4 /1994
English Grammar/Spelling: Please notice that i never had spelling error in this topic
My Gamer blog link:

Now answering the Template questions:
* Why do you want to be a GM?

I'm a super active person and i love to play MS and i started couple of months ago and i think i got good enough experience to become a GM and maybe help the game a little bit, Also I'd host a lot of events so i might be a joyful GM to have...
* What types of events will you host? / What do you plan to host?

i will mostly host T/F events because they are slightly bit more fun to me, but i will also host other events like JQ, RR.. etc
* What will you do when you see someone hacking?

Last night I've been on Bankai... i kinda changed my mind on it.... HACK = BAN
* What would you jail someone for?

1. Stalking and annoying GM
2. Super KS and stalk a player through channels and maps
3. Insulting GM
4. Spamming
5. Scamming
* Were you a GM before?

No, Not on Maple story but i was GM before in some other games so i can handle it

About me:
I Have a lot of friends and a lot of people / players love me and i think i am kinda fun to play with, Sometimes i become a little bit of a douche bag but i fixed this soon thanks to Hugo's warning: " If you say something stupid i will kill you and warp you to 10 maps" < I GOT PWN3D >

Playing time:
I'm done with the exams so it's summer time for me :3 and i am on 24/7

Thank you for reading.

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